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Education Foundation Visits LO Campuses

Multiple teachers from each Lone Oak campus applied for grants earlier this year that would allow them to purchase various items for their classrooms such as advanced calculators, photography lenses and cameras, air fryers, work stations, collaborative tables, and more. After reviewing each and every application, the Lone Oak Education Foundation visited our campuses to surprise teachers with the awarded grants. 

  • Mr. Melancon (LOHS) 
    • Kits, motors, and electronic supplies to accommodate the growing number of students in robotics.
  • Mrs. Cowan (LOHS) 
    • TI-84 CE Calculators for consistency across all high school math and science classes. The color coded lines help the students when graphing. 
  • Mrs. McGee (LOHS)
    • Collaborative tables with dry erase top surface that will allow the students to easily work in groups and work out problems right on the desk.
  • Mrs. Walker (LOHS) and Mrs. Rainbolt (LOMS)
    • 2023 is the first year Lone Oak has had a middle school yearbook staff. This grant will allow yearbook to purchase new cameras and software to accommodate the growing staff.
  • Mrs. Walker (LOHS) and Mrs. Rainbolt (LOMS)
    • New camera lens for Yearbook. This will allow the students to take fantastic photos of athletics and other action shots.  
  • Ms. White (LOHS) 
    • Air fryers for Health and Nutrition classes. This will allow students to learn to enjoy tasty fried foods without all the calories that come with traditional frying methods.
  • Mr. Collier (LOMS)
    • Yearly subscription to VEX computer science course. Students will use this site to master coding using vex blocks and learn python coding. The pneumatics is a new concept for vex and will allow students to deliver fast and powerful linear motion that is useful in a variety of applications. 
  • Mr. Collier (LOMS)
    • Storage racks and workstations
  • Mrs. Diamond and Mrs. West (LOES) 
    • Interactive pens that work with the whiteboards already in the LOES classrooms. This technology will allow teachers to give students another layer of interactive fun with online educational games. These pens will allow the students to stay engaged with their classmates, instead of separated using the computer mouse at the teacher's desk. 

The Education Foundation also provided our Aviation program with a check that will go towards purchasing the first kit used to build the program's first airplane. 

We are continuously grateful to the Education Foundation and their donors for all that they do for our schools and our students. We would like to give a special shout out to the following sponsors:

  • Cadenhead Commercial LLC
  • Brent and Paula Anderson Billingslea
  • Big G Steel
  • Disability Action Advocates
  • Atmos Energy 

If you are interested in learning more about how the Education Foundation supports Lone Oak ISD or how you can be a part of their efforts, visit their website at

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