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Welcome to our new website

We are proud to launch the new website for Lone Oak ISD. In an effort to enhance user experience and improve communication between the District and its constituents, we have modernized and re-imagined our websites.

By reorganizing, adding new features, and tidying up our content users will be able to find what they need easier than ever. Take a moment to look over this page, as it will help you get to know all the exciting changes and improvements we've made.



Mobile Focused

Almost 70% of users access our website from a mobile device. Our redesign aims to improve the user experience by improving mobile web browsing. Easily navigate to the information you need, regardless of which device you're using.


Find it Fast

We took the most commonly visited pages and made them easier to find. Access important information quickly and effortlessly.


News & Updates

Stay up to date with all events happening inside and outside of the classroom. Read articles without leaving the homepage. Easily see the most recent news stories, or browse all of the news and updates for the district or a specific campus. 


School Sites

Easily switch between campus and district sites by clicking on the SCHOOLS button at the top of each page.  


Familiar Menu 

By clicking the three lines (the "hamburger" button) on the mobile site, you will see familiar menu options. These menu items organize the main tasks and resources our visitors typically wish to locate. These options will be laid out across the top of the site when viewing on a desktop, as they were on our previous site. 


Search bar 

No longer will our users endlessly click through the site searching for information that is nowhere to be found. Easily type in your search item from the home page to locate the information you need fast. 

We are excited, but we understand new things take some getting used to. 

Let us know what you think. Afterall, this was designed with you in mind. Please look through the site as you normally would. If you have trouble finding information, let us know in the form below so that we can continue to improve our service to our community. 

District Home Page


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