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Welcome to the Technology Department at Lone Oak ISD

At Lone Oak Independent School District, our Technology Department plays a pivotal role in enhancing the learning environment for both students and staff. We are committed to providing technology solutions that empower students and educators. From maintaining our network infrastructure to supporting classroom technology, our team ensures a seamless and secure digital learning environment.

We are ready to support students and staff with:

  • Technical Support: Prompt assistance with hardware and software-related issues to keep learning (and teaching) uninterrupted.
  • Network Management: Maintaining a powerful network infrastructure to facilitate seamless connectivity.
  • Door and Camera Management: Maintaining security throughout the district through the use of automatically locking doors and security cameras. 
  • Device Management: Overseeing the distribution and maintenance of devices, including Chromebooks, to optimize the learning experience.
Buffalo Staff Member

director of technology:
cassie pinkston

Phone: 903-634-5276

Lost or Damaged Chromebook

In order to provide richer learning opportunities and access to even more learning resources, Lone Oak ISD students are issued a Chromebook for educational use. These devices are absolutely vital to the success of children in the classroom, as they are used daily at school.

If a teacher is notified of computer damage, the computer will be sent to campus administration for inspection and a notice will be provided to parents for the cost of the repair. 

Chromebook Damage or Loss: As stated in the Student Handbook, "Parents/guardians will be responsible for all repair and replacement fees"  associated with damaged or missing Chromebooks and chargers. Campus administrators will assess the damage or loss, and notification, along with the corresponding fees, will be communicated to parents. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit/debit. Refer to our student handbook for more details.

We're here to ensure that technology enhances the educational journey at Lone Oak ISD. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our Technology Department.

Thank you for partnering with us in fostering a technologically enriched learning environment at Lone Oak ISD.

Make an online payment

Lone Oak ISD now offers online payments for lost or damaged Chromebooks. Please select the item below you are needing to replace and complete the payment information. After payment, please contact your student's campus to notify them that payment has been made. 

If you encounter any issues when making payment, please contact Katy Turner at