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BUFF Dads is a program designed for elementary and secondary school campuses to provide positive male role models for the students at Lone Oak ISD. The presence of these "BUFF Dads" will have the following benefits on the students they interact with:

  • They will act as a positive role model.
  • The additional adult presence will aide in reducing negative behavior.
  • They will provide enhanced school safety and security by being an additional set of eyes and ears watching over the students.
  • Their presence and time investment will demonstrate to the students that their safety and their education are a valued and essential part of our community.
  • These father figures will gain a greater awareness of the challenges that students face daily. As a result, they can learn to relate to and support their students to build deeper connections. 

Father figures and male role models are extremely important in the early child development years as children grow. Sadly, as society changes, single-family households have increased, leaving many kids without a positive male role model in their everyday life. As a BUFF Dad, Lone Oak ISD will bring that back to every child in our elementary and middle school with the help of great father-figure volunteers. 

Those interested can complete the questionnaire below and click the link to sign-up to volunteer on their desired days. Each day spent volunteering may involve greeting students during drop-off/pick-up, conducting hallway and door sweeps, monitoring student lunches, assisting teachers in the classroom, and more. Each BUFF Dad will be given their daily duties upon check-in at the front office. BUFF Dads will be background checked, wear an official BUFF Dads shirt as well as a visitor badge. 


If you believe you are BUFF Dad material*, complete the questionnaire below, then click the sign-up link to select your volunteer days. 

* No muscles required.  

BUFF DADS QuestionnaireBuff Dads sign up