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Police Department


Lone Oak ISD is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for the staff and students on our campuses. This commitment requires an ongoing effort to continuously update policies and procedures to ensure we are always up-to-date on the latest security measures available. Lone Oak ISD has plans in place to keep all students safe from weather concerns to school security and emergency situations. Below you will find the latest updates of our policies, procedures, and safety measures to keep Lone Oak ISD one of the safest schools in the state.

  • LOISD recently named Chief Casey Northcutt Head of Security.
  • Additional staff has been added to our armed defender program.
  • Every exterior door in the district is armed with an alarm, notifying administrators if propped open for an extended period of time.
  • Reviewed and updated active shooter protocols through threat assessment training.
  • Implemented a staff app that allows employees to alert all staff immediately upon threat or emergency detection, notifying school and local police.
  • State troopers are now housed at the LOISD Administration Building.

Other facts and figures

  • A recent security audit performed by Region 10 determined that LOISD is one of the safest schools in the region.
  • 95% of the district is monitored by security cameras 24/7.
  • The Stop It App has been an asset used at LOISD for many years and is available for all staff, students, parents and community members to report any safety or bullying concerns that need to be addressed immediately, especially outside of school hours.  It alerts counselors, school officers and administration immediately and someone responds and puts actions into place 24 hours 7 days a week.

Daily Safety Measures

  • Visitors will be granted entrance through the front entrance only and all other exterior doors remain locked at all times.
  • All staff and visitors must wear prominently displayed, district-issued ID badges or visitor passes.  
  • All campuses utilize the Raptor Visitor Management System, which requires all visitors to undergo screening prior to entering the building. 
  • Students and staff are trained on the Standard Response Protocol (SRP). SRP includes 5 specific actions that can be performed in the event of any threat or incident on or near campus: HOLD, LOCKOUT, LOCKDOWN, EVACUATE and SHELTER. These responses are taught and practiced regularly throughout the year in the form of drills.  
  • Safety and security audits are performed throughout the year. 
  • LOISD School Resource Officer is present in buildings throughout the day.
Standard Response Protocol at LOISD
Lone Oak Buffalo

Chief of Police:
Joe Sterner

Phone: 903-634-5289