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Superintendent Advisory Team

The SAT is a key committee that assists with the growth and improvement of Lone Oak ISD. The parents, community members, and staff serving on the SAT provide feedback and recommendations to district leadership on how we move forward together to make Lone Oak ISD an even more exceptional district in which to learn, work, and live.

Team Members


At least two-thirds of the elected professional staff representatives must be classroom teachers. The committee shall include at least one professional staff representative with the primary responsibility for educating students with disabilities. The remaining staff representatives shall include both campus- and district-level professional staff members.

  • LOES Classroom: Stacy Diamond

  • LOES Classroom: Lisa Hutchison

  • LOES Classroom: Kaci Elmore

  • Elementary SpEd: Mindy Hogue

  • LOMS Classroom: Kathy Smith

  • LOMS Classroom: Lindsey Buhler

  • LOMS Classroom: Samuel Hight

  • Secondary SpEd: Sandy Killian

  • LOHS Classroom: Kathy Cowan

  • LOHS Classroom: Lisa Kelly

  • LOHS Classroom: Matt Wingo

  • Other Professional: Lisa Brannon

  • District RN: Laurie Daniel


A parent who is an employee of the district is not eligible. A parent cannot serve more than 1 position (ex: Community/Business).

  • Elementary Parent: Laura Irrgang

  • Secondary Parent: Kristin Christenberry


Community members must reside in the district and must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Community Member: Alex Bowman


The committee shall include a business representative without regard to whether the representative resides in the district or whether the business the person represents is located in the district.

  • Business Member: Ashley Mounger

  • Business Member: Toby Hooten

Agenda & Minutes 


Contact 2022-2023 co-chairs Beth Luhn or Heather Bortz with questions or discussion items.