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About Us

Welcome to Lone Oak ISD

Lone Oak ISD is home to learners and leaders of the future! We are dedicated to excellence in education for every learner. Here students receive exemplary educational support and numerous extracurricular offerings to prepare them for their future. As a district, we believe each learner should be prepared to endeavor on their individual path after high school. Covering almost 100 square miles, our district serves approximately 1,200 students in Hunt County. 

Our mission at Lone Oak ISD is to create a supportive learning environment that nurtures positive self-esteem and physical well-being while enabling students to reach their fullest academic and social potential. The district accepts the responsibility of preparing students to be productive citizens and lifelong learners in our changing world.

The district is made up of an elementary school, middle school, high school and our College Street campus.


School Song

We love you Lone Oak High School
You’re the best and always will be.
We love you Lone Oak High School,
You mean the world to me.
You stand for truth and courage,
And for right you’ll always stand.
We love you Lone Oak High School,
Lone Oak High School, we think you’re grand.
We’ll cheer you on to victory.
We’ll stand by you when you fall.
We’ll back you when you’re losing,
Or when you have the ball.
We’ll always be in there fighting.
We’ll always be brave and true.
We’ve got the spirit.
We’ve got the team.
Lone Oak High School,
You’re our dream.